Bridgeclimb – Sydney Harbour Bridge | Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel In Sydney

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge! Located just around the corner from Pier One Sydney Harbour…

Bridgeclimb offers visitors the opportunity to climb and explore one of the most recognisable Sydney icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

More than two million people have climbed the 1439 steps to the very top of the bridge, seeing the Sydney skyline in all its magnificence, from dawn to dusk.

There are now two alternative Bridgeclimb experiences:

  • The Bridge Climb is the original experience. It takes you along catwalks, up ladders, and steadily to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Experience the satisfaction of conquering the upper arch of the Bridge while taking in city surrounds, the Sydney Opera House, the harbour and the Bridge itself beneath your feet.
  • The Discovery Climb is a new experience that takes you inside the workings of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, within its very heart, for a behind-the-scenes look at this Australian icon. You will be led to the summit upon the suspension arch of the Bridge, winding around structural elements and climbing upon steep staircases that join the two arches.

The climbs leave from the Bridgeclimb Centre in Cumberland Street in The Rocks, just a few hundred metres from Pier One Sydney Harbour. Discover more…