Choosing The Right Sydney Function Rooms

Follow these simple tips to select the right Sydney function rooms for your next event in the city…

Organising a function is an inevitable evil of business, and can be very stressful to the host. Not only do you have to think and plan around the actual purpose of the event, and get your pitch, idea or discussion across properly, you also need to consider the guests and their needs, which is often seen as an unnecessary headache.

It would be a big mistake to choose any old location in Sydney for the event, because if you impress with the function rooms and service, you are more likely to impress where it counts. For good reason, a popular option for holding a conference is the residential conference. This is where a hotel is booked and used for the occasion. There are many benefits to this…


Having a residential conference integrates the whole process. The guests stay at the hotel where the conference is taking place, thus accommodation is already sorted, and there are no issues with the location. Guests simply come from their room to the conference area.

No Public Transport

Public transport (or any kind of transport) is the thorn in the side of business meetings and conferences. Many events have been ruined by poor public transport. People miss the transport, it breaks down, or there is a traffic issue. If everyone books in to a hotel the day or morning before the conference there is no issue with getting there, and the guests don’t need to book one hotel then travel to the function rooms, because it is all under one roof.

No Delays

For the same reason there are no delays. People aren’t getting lost, having to travel across town or being left struggling trying to find or check in to the venue. They are all already there, with all of the needed equipment.


Hotels are perfect for the leisure side of business trips. Guests will need a break at some point, or will need something to do prior and after a conference. Hotels offer loads of facilities, such as bars and restaurants, gyms and swimming pools, shopping areas, entertainment and the rooms themselves where the guests can stay. This is all under one roof. Hotels are also always conveniently located near shopping regions, so members of the conference can go out shopping and experience the city during break periods. This is good for those that bring family along, or whom want to shop for their family.

Business Facilities

Most Sydney hotels have a huge range of business related conference facilities. There will be rooms themselves dedicated to conferencing, offering seating, table areas, video and audio equipment, computer stations, internet access and all sorts of other equipment needed to host and run a successful conference.

Despite all of these benefits, you still must pick the most appropriate hotel. The higher quality, the better. You must also use a location that is generally close to everybody attending, or close to the subject of the conference (i.e. if you were discussing the development of property, then hold the conference nearby the proposed area). Also if you are seeking Sydney accommodation with your conference you can usually negotiate a good rate.

No matter what your conferencing needs, residential conferencing is definitely something you should consider. Pier One Sydney Harbour prides itself in offering the highest standard in function rooms equipment and service. For more information make an online conference or meeting enquiry or please contact our friendly and professional Pier One Sydney Harbour Conference and Events team on +61 2 8298 9999.

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