Sydney Tower & OzTrek | Pier One Sydney Harbour Sydney Hotel

Simply the best 360-degrees Sydney Harbour panorama in town…

Sydney is a big city… A bustling metropolis, an intricate patchwork of neighborhoods and villages, stretching across a vast area…

When you just arrive here, the best way to get your bearings is to see the city from above. And in Sydney… you are spoilt for choice. From scenic flights… to the popular Bridge Climb. But the easiest way to go about it, is by visiting the tallest structure in the City: The Sydney Centrepoint AMP Tower.

Sydney Centrepoint Tower not only offers an observation deck from which you can enjoy the best, 360-degree panorama of the beautiful harbour city,

but your “ticket to the top” also includes the OzTrek experience: the largest simulated ride in the southern hemisphere, which takes you for a thrilling virtual ride across Australia.

Afterwards you can enjoy a wonderful meal in the Sydney Tower Restaurant, or head back down to do some serious shopping… And for the really daring, there is the SkyWalk option: at 260 metres above Sydney, you can experience an exhilarating outdoor walk. Discover more…

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