Major Facilities You Need For A Constructive Meeting

What are the major facilities you need for a meeting? Pier One Sydney Harbour provides an ideal venue with a range of facilities and equipment to run a constructive and professional event…

When taking part or hosting a meeting there are a range of facilities and equipment you’ll need for yourself and those attending, so that everything can be displayed professionally and so the event can be constructive. This applies to both large and small meetings.

The following list is not exhaustive and doesn’t apply to every situation, but it is a good starting point listing a range of basic things you’ll probably need for a successful event, and it will assist you to develop new ideas for your own event…

Writing Equipment and Stationary

If you have laptops, or your guests can bring laptops, that is great, but having a basic amount of stationary on hand to jot down ideas is fundamental for meetings and conferences. In more creative and technical fields this is even more important, especially if sketches or technical drawings need to be made.

Flip Board

The foundation of many meetings has been based around the flip board; a simple stand and adjoining paper or whiteboard. This allows whoever has the room, to talk and jot down ideas in such a way that they can discuss and present them to the rest of the group.


Next up from the flip board is projector equipment. When connected to a PC, it can work in the same way as the flip board, but can also present videos and slideshows created from computer software. Again this is very important for technical and creative fields.

Audio and Visual Equipment

Not everyone can be present at a meeting that needs to be. The next best option is video or teleconferencing where the outside guest can take part through the telephone or over the internet using video equipment. This requires everyone to have the right software, so using the phone is often a preferred choice, although it can be less personal than with video.

TV Displays

Often in a meeting you may need to play a DVD or video to the rest of the group, and thus some kind of TV display with VHS or DVD equipment might be needed. If it can be made into a digital file, the above projector idea can be used instead.

Table Space

Most meetings require people not only to talk and watch, but to take notes or demonstrate models or products. Adequate table space is therefore needed. The same goes for seating. It is a good idea to have comfortable seating, because if somebody is uncomfortable it can – and will – have a negative effect on the actual meeting itself.

Outside facilities

If the meeting is long and has break periods, you should be near rest room facilities and in some cases food and leisure facilities. At the very least a toilet and a vending machine should be nearby.

There are lots of other things you can use and bring to meetings and conferences. It all depends on your business and the number of people attending, but the above list should help you go in the right direction.

Pier One Sydney Harbour prides itself in offering the highest standard in meeting venues and facilities. For more information make an online conference or meeting enquiry or please contact our friendly and professional Pier One Sydney Harbour Meeting and Events team on +61 2 8298 9999.

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