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There are lots of Sydney venues for hire, but Pier One Sydney Harbour the ideal Sydney venue complete facilities and location right on the Harbour makes us your next destination…

In business you will almost always have to organise some kind of conference at some point, whether it’s for your employees, prospective clients or your suppliers. Often impressing these people with a great event venue and service helps more than the idea, pitch or discussion itself. There are lots of great places to organise a business conference in Sydney, but some of the more popular locations are near the central business district itself. Also offering excellent Sydney accommodation.

Organising a conference in the business district is a no brainer, because assuming your guests are all in business in the area, they won’t have far to travel. Nobody likes driving for hours to get to a business conference. Also the area itself is quite beautiful, which helps to alleviate some of the stress business dealings can bring. The area around the Sydney Harbour is particularly inspiring and can help relax and inspire all parties involved.

The traditional venue for business conferences has and continues to be hotels. There are many Sydney hotels located around the business and harbour region offering ideal Sydney venues for hire that all make perfect choices for your event. Hotels are usually high on the list because they offer a lot of specific services.

Pier One Sydney Harbour hosts high quality designated venue rooms to hold the event itself. These come with all sorts of audio-visual equipment, allowing for recording of the meeting, communication with other guests via the internet, projector and slide show equipment, among other things. Just phone the Events team (+61 2 8298 9999) ahead of time and ask about our conferencing services.

Conferences shouldn’t be taxing and stressful, thus hotels with ample leisure facilities make for great venues. During breaks guests can go to the bar for a relaxing drink or meal. They can hit the gym or retire to a room. Thanks to our great location in The Rocks, guests can also head out and do some shopping, eat at a nearby restaurant or visit the harbour. When organising a conference it is a good idea to keep these leisure activities in mind, because if it is intense, everybody will want a break at some point. You may also need to cater to people that have to stay over night due to travel, or the conference itself can span a whole weekend. Being close to a lot of facilities and activities makes this process a lot easier.

No matter what the theme of your conference or needs of your guests, organising it near the Sydney Harbour and business district will always gain good results and help make the day go down well.

Pier One Sydney Harbour prides itself in offering the highest standard in event venues and service. For more information make an online conference or meeting enquiry or please contact our friendly and professional Pier One Sydney Harbour Conference and Events team on +61 2 8298 9999.

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