Opera on Sydney Harbour| Carmen

Beautiful music. Breathtaking spectacle. Opera on Sydney Harbour – under the stars.

For three weeks only beginning Friday 22nd March to Friday 12th April 2013, Carmen takes the stage; dangerous, sexy and incandescent in a thrilling new production.

Carmen is a gripping story of live, seduction and jealousy that is one of the most-loved operas in the world. This is a whirlwind story of romance and betrayal that will remind audiences of the power of love.

Bizet’s Carmen is one of opera’s most captivating creations. Hear her sing those dark, lingering melodies. See her dance the Seguidilla. And don’t be suprised when you fall under her spell.

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is an outdoor opera event on a grand scale, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Sydney skyline. The stage sits atop of the water, with the orchestra below and the night sky above.

Experience all the magic of this Opera on Sydney Harbour event with the specially-built venue.